Personal Computer Users and Software Developers Software Technical Consultants and Internet Specialists

If you’re a personal computer user, the services we offer are:
– Understanding & setting up your personal computer
– Internet addresses and domains
– Sending and receiving e-mail and Internet searches
– Hackers and protection against them
– Learning about your Operating System (OS, i.e. XP, Vista, etc.)
– Installing and uninstalling software
– Keyboard, mouse, printer and peripheral functions
– Home network and Wifi installations, set ups and configurations

We offer email technical support in the above areas only. By subscribing to our email Support Service for a month, 3 month or one year recurring subscription, will answer your technical support questions via email for a small fee.

To sign up for our email technical Support Service subscription, please click the appropriate link on the left.
Once you have signed up for the Support Service, go to the Contact page and click the Subscription Clients link.
You’ll then have the ability to ask your Support Service question(s).

Available Personal Computer Support Service Subscriptions:
– ONE MONTH (Monthly Subscription) of unlimited Computer Support: $19.95
– THREE MONTHS (Quarterly Subscription) of unlimited Computer Support: $49.95
– ONE YEAR (Yearly Subscription) of unlimited Computer Support: $99.95

Personal Computer Users Support Service Offer:
– You may ask as many technical support questions as may be necessary in order to resolve the issue
– We do not provide assistance for private and/or commercial software once it is installed
– You may cancel your Support Service subscription at any time. We do not issue refunds for the balance once you have been charged.

If you’re a Software Developer that relies upon the Internet and customer support, our services include:
– Brand building and direct marketing
– Technical assistance, support, and advice to your customers (Help Desk)
– Develop training materials and procedures, or train users in the proper use of hardware or software
– Answer user inquiries regarding computer software or hardware operations to resolve problems
– Purchase reviews and analysis for credit card fraud prevention
– Help and discussion forum moderating
– Affiliate program maintenance and oversight
– General website monitoring

We offer support in all of the above areas as an independent contractor.
For more information on the scope, range and available options your company may have in utilizing the resources of, go to the Contact page and click the Software Developers link.

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